‘Tis That Time Again…No Pants T Ride 2012

The day was Sunday, January 8th. The time was 2pm. The place was South Station on the Red Line. The crowd? About 100, very energetic, and beyond ready to take their pants off. Yes ladies and gentlemen, for the third year, I ventured out to document and photograph the No Pants T Ride in Boston, and would like to report my findings.

The premise is always the same: sign up for a team, get on a specific train car, take your pants off at your assigned station, get off the train, get back on the next one in the same car. The only behavioral norm assigned to participants is to act nonchalant, ya know, as if you’re actually WEARING pants. Unsuspecting T riders who do not realize this is happening will be in SHOCK and AWE! They will give these no pants wearers STRANGE LOOKS! They will LAUGH! They will POINT and take PICTURES! They will WHISPER to their friends!! But for me, having done this twice already, I knew exactly what to expect. And I actually found myself thinking, “Where’s the novelty in this?”

There’s a distinct difference between this event and the countless no pants offenses I have captured on film. With the former, these people may be a tad on the crazy side, but they are well-aware that they should normally be wearing pants. This is one day when they will take a walk on the wild side – either on their free will or on a dare – and do something crazy in public. However, the members of the latter group have no idea that they are committing a fashion crime. They actually think their lack of pants is sexy and cool and “in”. They somehow look in the mirror and think that they CAN’T see their ass through those tights they wear. So who is more delusional? The people who ride the T for 1 hour in their underwear on a cold day in January or the people whose clothing choices basically resemble underwear EVERY DAY?!

So nice try no pants T riders. Good job at getting up the courage to join all your friends and “shake it up” on a Sunday afternoon. These people are actually rewarded for taking their pants off, seeing as that there’s an after party at a bar (still no pants there…frightening). But unfortunately, these crazies will never hold a candle to the balls that the girls wearing tights, leggings, short-ass skirts, long sweaters, etc. etc. possess. Somehow, the aforementioned girls have ZERO SHAME. It’s a concept I might never understand. But for the first time, I can actually say I was a little bored by all these people without their pants.

Nevertheless, of course I got pictures! Duh.

My favorite part of this picture is that guy's face.

That chick in the panties and black tights was actually very pregnant. So congrats, new baby, your mommy is a crazy person.


Question: does a guy have more or less game when the girl's pants are already off?


When the clothed sit next to the unclothed...


Not sure why, but cowboy boots were a popular accessory for riding the T without pants.

Her legs are not diseased nor covered in tattoos. Those tights are just meant to ALWAYS be underneath something.


Her hair was about the same color combination as those socks.


When the hell did this event become a father/son bonding moment?!?!


Oh not to worry...Mom came out too. Get the whole family involved.


There goes the flock...

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3 Comments on “‘Tis That Time Again…No Pants T Ride 2012”

  1. Lynn Says:

    I can’t believe so many people do this. The father/son picture creeps me out…what a strange thing to do with your son. And who’s idea was it–the dad’s or the son’s?

  2. Terri Says:

    Indeed, so many people seem to think this is a worthwhile project. Go figure. There are homeless out there, people – give them your pants!

  3. Terri Says:

    Indeed, so many people seem to think this is a worthwhile project. There are plenty of homeless out there, people – give them your pants!

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