No Pants Sighting of the Day

Location: McFadden’s – Boston


‘Twas the Christmas season in Boston, and all through the street, the frigid air swirled from my head to my feet. The lights were hung on the Faneuil Hall tree with care, in hopes that drunken fools would find their way there. And me in my peacoat and Dan in his hat, had just entered McFadden’s to enjoy a nightcap. When across from the bar there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter. It wasn’t surprising, didn’t happen by chance, but there was the bartender, without any pants. In hooker boots and red panties made of lace, I can guarantee no one was looking at her face. What should always be hidden was out in plain sight, her ass cheeks exposed gave me such a fright. It was horrid and tacky seeing that much of her butt, I had to ask myself if she was indeed a slut. But alas she just fell prey to an intricate dance, she was merely a hopeless victim of Find Your Pants!


The holidays are wonderful, bright and merry. But please, oh please, ladies, do not make them scary. Put some pants on, you’ll feel oh so good. Keep your panties on the inside, as you well know you should. Allow me to spread a little holiday cheer, Merry Christmas to all and may pants always be near!


Happy Holidays my Find Your Pants faithful. This one's a doozy.

In the latest step forward for the feminist movement, the male bartender gets to wear a full elf costume complete with long sleeves and pants...and she gets to be in her underwear. Go women!

Luckily for her, red lace panties provide convenient storage space for all your alcoholic beverage opening devices.

Why keep your exposed ass behind the bar when you can use the power of elevation to attract a wider audience? Question of the day my friends...

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