No Pants Sighting of the Day

Location: Downtown Crossing T station

Offense: I should really call this a “No Clothes Sighting of the Day”, because honey, it’s about 3 degrees above freezing in Boston, and you are wearing that. No coat, no pants, no shirt that wasn’t procured from the children’s department…really an all-around atrocity of an outfit. Now since she was wearing obnoxiously loud metallic pink booty shorts, my eye zeroed in on her. However, she was accompanied by a gaggle of other no-clothes-wearers…once they boarded the train and broke out into a rendition of “Time Warp” complete with violent pelvic thrusting movements from “Rocky Horror”, I understood ever so slightly more what the hell was going on…but…

Verdict: …Halloween already happened kids. The time to dress like fools and rock out to Rocky Horror came and went, like nearly a month ago. I have a hard time believing that in a group of nearly 15, not one of these no pants enthusiasts would own a calendar. So nice try, but no dice. This is a little less Rocky Horror and a little more just plain horror.


Response from Lukas to this outfit: "She's so confused...she's confusing me!" Alas, it is indeed a conundrum. I can't imagine ever opening my closet and pulling out a pair of metallic pink booty shorts.

I find it hard to believe that anyone who isn't a 14-year-old semi-professional gymnast should be wearing a top like that.

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One Comment on “No Pants Sighting of the Day”

  1. Sit10 Says:

    well I think she just has to be a hooker. I have no other explanation.

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