The Gap: Maker AND Advocate of Pants

Photo courtesy of Ash "Bootsie" Wallace, who keeps it classy with pants 3,000 miles across the country.

Go green. End global warming. Save the whales. Bring the troops home. And now…PUT SOME PANTS ON! For whatever glorious reason unknown to me, wearing pants has become a social justice issue; a campaign platform. The pants spectrum mirrors that of the world of politics, except that when it comes to pants, conservative is DEFINITELY the way to go. Left wing translates to “left the house without pants”, while right wing has nothing to do with Dubya and everything to do with “making the right call on pants”.

The Gap has taken a firm stance on pants with the equivalent of political propaganda all over their store windows. And I, for one, am LOVING it. Granted, the fine print line below the dominant message of this sign just may lower the self-esteem of girls everywhere and pound into their heads that they’re too fat to wear shorts…BUT the overarching message is still a good one! So thank you, Gap, for making your position known. For believing in a cause and advocating for it. So while I realize I should give money to save those endangered species, or could make more of an effort to promote world peace instead of spending copious hours watching trashy reality TV shows, my #1 cause is, and always will be, pants.

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