No Pants Sighting of the Day

Location: Radio 92.9 Earthfest

Offense: What we have here is a classic case of mistaking a shirt for a dress. Hey, she probably thinks, “This shirt is cute, and the pattern resembles a set of kitchen towels, so if I drape large objects across my chest, that counts as a dress.” And we’ve all made that mistake, right?

Verdict: Hell to the no. Honey, your va jay jay called, and it wants its blatant exposure back.

Genius (and slightly horrifying) photog work courtesy of Kim, who was kind enough to warn me of the offensiveness of this shot.

Maybe she's redeemable from the back, you know, when I can't see her crotch? Hmmm nope.

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One Comment on “No Pants Sighting of the Day”

  1. I am a little afraid I might actually know that woman.

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