No Pants Sighting of the Day

Location: Beacon Hill, Boston

Offense: I literally have no words for this monstrosity of an outfit. If I did have words, they’d go a little somethin like this:

  • That tattoo of flowers covering your legs looks like it took a really long time to complete. Oh wait, those are your pants? Nevermind, I was semi-impressed with your pain tolerance but I take it back since you just look stupid.
  • You must be bringing back the “flower child” look because you have to be on copious amounts of drugs to wear this outfit.
  • Mini-backpacks are out. Mini-backpacks with faces smiling at you are out. Therefore, you are out. Auf wiedersehen.
  • Do you honestly think that flower tights and black booty shorts are a stellar combination? Child please.
  • Are you carrying a koosh ball in your right hand???

Verdict: If you’re in Beacon Hill and see this girl on the street, get her outta there. She’s an eye sore.

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